Size: 133.8 m2

3 rooms, 1 sleeping room (with possibility to make more)

Idyllic garden with old greenhouse and shed, large basement, private parking.

Price: 38.950.000,- isk. or best offer / Tílbuð.

Fossgata 7 is located by the beautiful mountain side in the end of Fossgata. Close to the Skaftfell Art Center, The filling Station and the small boat harbour and surrounded by and overlooking trees, creeks and waterfalls, mountain view and direct access to beautiful walking paths, wildflower meadows, creek and hillside and the fjord to the front. Behind the house is a wonderful garden shielded by tress, bushes and hilly ditches build as a part of Fossgata Varnargarða and with an old wooden greenhouse that need a few new pieces of wood, and fire pit. 

The nature of the house is subtle, light and atmospheric, pointing out the beauty in the history, simplicity and a preference for natural material. 

The house is has been extended two times since it was build in 1921; in the 1930s and 1970s, and since the change of ownership around 10 years ago, it has gone through a great deal of renovation, with an emphasis of preserving the character of the house and the sense of time and history it holds with a distinct and charming Wabi Sabi atmosphere, keeping and making visible original wooden beams, panel and concrete structures, raw wood/plywood and quirky details that give the house personality.

Both the older and newer part of the house have been opened up to more headspace and now offer a large open and spacious room /studio, subtly divided by an open shelf structures which offer a smaller room-in-the room section used as a study or guest room etc. The roof construction have been changed and ceiling re-isolated and raised leaving the wooden beam structure visible and added room height, and floor have been re-isolated and replaced with a natural oil and wax treated birch surface.

New air to air heat system and new radiators have been installed. New electric lines have been dragged externally and can be concealed in walls as the next step.

The separate sleeping room is closed with a custom made sliding door and equipped with build-in cupboards and bookshelf build from plywood and a wall hung tv. New radiator was recently installed.

Two rooms that previously hosted a small kitchen and a closed storage room with an old oil chimney has been turned into a one-room spacious kitchen / dining room with a cosy wood oven fireplace, the ceiling raised and opened up with new isolation and the original wooden beams and wall panels revealed and restored. The kitchen cabinets are custom made artisanal wooden elements, with build in electric oven and stove, dishwasher and refrigerator plus an extra old renovated storage cupboard. The room is also equipped with a sleeping sofa and mid century dining table. A silent and economic air-to-air heat system was recently installed also in this room, beside new spare radiators and the floor isolated from the basement side.

The bathroom is plain and simple, with painted walls and wooden details, a bathtub and aired with an air-fan in the old window. The low ceiling height was preserved in the bathroom (as a closed room in the room) when the overall ceiling was lifted up and some unfinished details there as the bathroom was planned to be placed to a restored lower floor in the future.

The hot water in the house is supplied by a water-boiler in the basement, which was replaced with a large size new boiler 2 years ago. There is also a washing machine and dryer and laundry table in the basement. Otherwise the basement is currently used as a storage space with ceiling height being under normal room height, but it has the potential to be dug deeper with supported concrete walls to extend the house with another 25-40 m2 living area. The basement has been partly dug free from the outside as the first step of creating a usable, dry house area there.

The roofplates of the house was changed around 10 years ago and the house and windows were painted last year, however many window glass are punctured and need of change or glass / frame or both and some work in process here and there in the house and outside that offer new owners to add their own intention and vision to the house.