Artists: PETURK

Publishers: FOSS and Widowed Swan

Dimensions: 52×75 mm. / 700×420 mm.

Edition size: 100 decks of cards and 30 full sheet broadsides. All signed and numbered.

Price: cards in box or cards on full sheet prints. Each 6000 isk./ 50 €


Múskatópolis is a broadside and edition in the shape of a deck of cards by Icelandic artist PETURK. Behind the project is the observation of man constantly being surrounded by words – from other beings, instruments, and transformed from visual stimuli of alphabets and pictograms. Words often repeated by a cultural environment where they thrive and dominate while they accompany a defined worldview. The more apparent this view becomes, the more foolish other world views can start to seem. The muscatopolis cards provide users with the opportunity to travel around a sky of concepts and choose or reject according to the accidental arrangement of fate. They communicate a diverse range of cultural- and social structures, devisions and beliefs, in words and color. Múskatopolis encourage both private conversations as well as open political discussions while essentially providing cluewords and images which allow for various interpretations and ways of play.

The edition is the second in a series of 3 ‘Seyðisfjörður Editions’ co-published with Widowed Swan.




PÉTURK alas Pétur Kristjánsson was born in 1952. He was a doctoral student of ethnology at the University of Lund and has worked in rural affairs, seafaring, and on translation for many years. Since 1984 he has worked at the Technical Museum of East Iceland and since 2002 has been a full-time director. Peter is a professor at the Dieter Roth Academy and former chairman of Skaftfell Center for Visual Art.